Intellifi has been formed to provide end-to-end solutions for established and emerging lenders in both the residential and commercial space in Canada.

By combining data, people, and technology, we meet all-time high consumer demands for faster, simpler solutions. By digitizing and democratizing technology, we ensure simplicity and usability for both our clients and their customers. As industry pioneers with decades of experience, we are passionate about spearheading innovative, creative digital solutions for the Canadian lending industry.

I‚Äčntellifi provides lenders with a selection of products and services from fully outsourced lending operations to niche technology that helps create efficiency in their loan management.

Our Tech Products

  •  Commercial Mortgage Underwriting Platform 
  •  Residential Mortgage Underwriting Platform 
  •  Loan Servicing 
  •  Customer Portals 
  •  Asset Management 
  •  Hedging Analytics  

Our Services

  •  White Label Underwriting 
  •  White Label Servicing 
  •  Mortgage Valuation 
  •  Mortgage Risk Rating Advisory 
  •  Market Intelligence